Honeymoons are very magical and special moments in your life as man and women! If you are seeking peace and quiet, then why not consider staying at a b&b? These are often secluded and quiet places where the two of you can sit and relax and enjoy each others company to the fullest.

A beds and breakfasts inn can make the two of you feel special and before you go and book, why not ask some questions.

Do they have any honeymoon packages?

What features can they offer to make your honeymoon better than someone else? What facilities can they offer – horse riding, bike riding?

Do the innkeepers reside in the house?
Some B&B’s operate as guesthouses; while management might be on the property during the day, at night it’s just guests on the grounds. At other properties, you’ll find the owner or manager living right in the house. The atmosphere in these two situations is usually very different. An on-site manager and owner usually make the property far more like home, enabling the guests to interact more.

Are the innkeepers professional innkeepers or is the property managed by the owners?
The term “B&B” can mean many things: a home with extra bedrooms rented to guests, a small inn, a property with multiple guest rooms and professional hosts. You will find that the atmosphere is very different from property to property. You will also hear the term “country inn” or “small inn” used frequently; this often means a B&B that has a small restaurant on site.

Do all rooms have private baths?
Is smoking allowed indoors?

Many inn’s are non-smoking; if this is a concern, ask. You’ll find some Bed and Bs that prohibit smoking outdoors while on property as well.a romantic getaway in starved rock country
Do you have private two-person tables if we want breakfast alone?
How many guest rooms does the property have?

Here are some more questions to consider asking before you decide which Bed and Breakfasts to stay at for your honeymoon.

Is breakfast served at one time or as guests arrive? At some Bnb, breakfast is served at a set hour. If you sleep late, you may lose when it comes to the morning meal at some properties. If the two of you plan to sleep in (or if you’re early birds), check on this policy.

Do you really want to start your morning with a family-sized table of fellow travelers?
Sometimes this can be a fun situation plus a great way to get to hear the impressions of your fellow travelers about a destination. At other times, “you want to be alone.”

What amenities does the B&b offer?

Do they accept credit cards? If so, do they accept your type of account?

What is the deposit for a room?

Is there a non-refundable deposit? If so, how much is non-refundable?

Is there a minimum stay? Is there a minimum stay for Friday or Saturday nights?

Do you have a honeymoon suite? Is it any extra and if so how much?

Are there any pets in the house?
If either of you suffers from allergies, this can be an important consideration.

Are children permitted? If you have children, then this only important as some Bed and Breakfasts caters for couples.

What is your cancellation policy?

What is your most private room?

Is liquor permitted on site?

Remember, some Bed and Breakfast’s are private homes so some do not permit liquor on the property.

Is our room air conditioned? If not, then so you have ceiling fans?

Does our room have a private entrance?

What type of car parking is available – undercover or in the open?