Marcia Nelson.

Marcia and her daughter, Jill, own and operate Marcia’s Bed and Breakfast in Ottawa Illinois.

It would take a world map would show Marcia’s extensive world wide travel.  Most of this  was done with a Jung group and her travel companion,  Mary Louise Carus Mahdi, a Jungian analyst.

Sites and sights since 1991;

Australia,  to study by camping with aboriginal people in the outback.

The group learned the songs, dances and customs.  The setting  was 6 hours south of Ayers Rock or Ularu.

Tahiti  for a world conference on the tragic results of  nuclear  power.

The goal was to abandon neuculer power by each country.  She has seen Athens, Crete, and Iastanbul.

Marcia traveled Ireland  to study the Stone Age.

Other travels led to China, New Zealand,  Costa Rica, and England to Vienna. And more.

Marcia and Jill are very active in the horse world.

They own two Tennessee Walkers.  Guests may pet,brush, and feed carrots or apples to the waiting steeds.

Jill offers overnight stabling, a horse motel, for horse guests

trveling across the US.  All breeds and uses for their existence come through the barn door.   The humans usually stay in their trailers or

Take a room.

Marcia is totally connected  to the Carl Jung’s work with Dreams.   Louise, her  traveling companion, envisioned a program

in a remote place for people to take time to become conscious and self aware through their dreams.

The place is in Canada 250 miles north of Toronto on Lake

Temagami. Marcia attended this one week event on two occasions.


This led her to be changed in amazing ways.after retiring from 32 years of teatching she became a campDirector for 7 years.  Her husband of 37 years was deceased.

Based on her teaching subject of child development and family life,  training the counselors was a natural so they would know

Methods for inspiring campers  to be active,  involved, and to be happy. Throw in a few tips about managing so there is discipline, not punishmet

The B&B opened in 1994.  At that time it was in the main house,  5 rooms.  On one occasion she had 17 people from India and Chicago.

Now there are three self contained units spread around the courtyard. Each one with the amenities described earlier.

Tai chi, the oriental way of  keeping one’s body in good shape,  internal and external,  spiritual  and maintaining balance plus numerous benefits.   Marcia has practiced this since 1996..

Although Marcia is elderly,  she enjoys her guests and thier Journeys.  She stated that as long as people are well satisfied, there is no reason to close.  She has people to clean, to do maintenance, and shopping.

Marcia is calm- humorous, contemporary, gregarious, open minded and fun loving hostess.Marcias-Bed-and-Breakfast-Ottawa-Illinois-61350